These days, privacy is everything.

In the wrong hands, every scrap of personal information becomes a tool to be used against you.  Totalitarian governments and intrusive tech companies want your data.  With it, they can identity you for censorship and de-platforming, social engineer you into buying products you don't need, and continue to consolidate power in a data-driven arms race that may not have your best interests in mind.

We are individuals, and not data points in an algorithm.  It is time to take privacy seriously, and demand more accountability.

Origin Horizon is currently a side project that I run.  I focus on building and discovering, and promoting products that:

  1. Store data responsibly using practices such as encryption
  2. Don't collect personal information such as emails

Encryption Without Exception

Anonymity First

Privacy First Products

I've tried to focus on products that honor that idea.  I don't collect personal data or use ads as a revenue source.

The apps I make are built around a Zero Knowledge Authentication system that borrows concepts heavily from emerging technologies like cryptocurrency and the blockchain.  There are no email addresses collected, and no marketing segments either.  Instead, it is a system that allows you to remain anonymous while still providing modern features like realtime syncing between your devices.

I've used encryption for all your data.  My apps rely on Google for industry standard security practices, which means they are very secure.  But I also believe in watching the watchmen, and have taken things a step further by hashing your data before it ever reaches a server.  It has to be decrypted by a private key which only you have.  This ensures you complete privacy from me, and from the platform provider (Google).  It also means that your data can't just be turned over to law enforcement by means of a court order either.